About Level Up

I am not going tell you what to eat, but HOW to eat.

Level Up Nutrition exists to help you build confidence not only in healthy eating habits, but confidence in your every day life so you can be the best version of yourself. If we strive to be 1% better every single day, then we are already on the path for greatness. 

Level up nutrition and wellness is exactly what it says, level up!

No matter where you are in life, we always have the chance to level up.

Even if we fall back, we not only become stronger, but we level up to meet our new goals and expectations of ourselves. This does not only have to relate to the gym, but mental aspects of life, clarity, relationships, and pushing ourselves to a whole new level of greatness. Nutrition and wellness go hand in hand because we have to take care of our bodies through all its life stages.

Wellness is tapping into each area of our life and working towards goals that are attainable and achievable for the longevity of our lives. The lightening bolt- besides AC/DC and Harry Potter being my two favorite things in this world; the lightening bolt actually means something more than that. Most think that lightening is a sudden burst of light that is dangerous. Well, it is BUT, it is actually one of the most powerful things that can happen in a split second. I relate that to human beings. We are SO powerful, that at any split second we can cause an entire area to be lit up with one strike. We have the ability to lighten up or own world and tap into the forces of our own strength and abilities to achieve greatness.

These basic steps are foundational and will carry over for your entire life.

Being simple

Eating well does not have to be that difficult! Being simple means eating more whole foods, and less refined sugars within moderation. Have fun with eating well, and dig deep on how that makes you feel mentally, emotionally and physically.


There are phenomenal perks of eating more fruits and veggies in your every day life. Not only are fruits and veggies good for lowering the risk for heart disease and stroke, they support your healthy gut microbiome and help with digestion.



Sleep is so underrated. Sleep helps improve your mood, recover your muscles faster and reduces stress. It is so crazy how sleep is not one of the first couple things we talk about! Research says 7-9 hours of sleep is optimal, but the PATTERN is more important. Creating steady, consistent sleeping habits are one of the most important things you can do to allow for a healthy lifestyle.


Embracing daily activity is not only efficient for building strong muscles and bones, but mentally to reduce anxiety, depression and improving self-esteem. Endorphins are released when doing physical activity and it actually has been linked to feeling like morphine! The endorphins released allow your brain to trigger a positive, calming feeling. Everyone’s activity is different, and that is what makes us all so special in our own way.


Creating balance not only nutritionally, but in your everyday life allows us to get in a steady state of rhythm, not be SO hard on ourselves, and enjoy the process. Being 100% on it, 7 days a week does not only get boring, it can actually put you in a state of unhappiness. Balance is so important physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Having balance in your life allows for memories to be built and happiness to take over the body. Don’t go too off the rails though, we got work to do with your goals we set. I will show you how.


In today’s world it is so easy to get wrapped up on what we “should” look like by “this time”. FALSE. The media has done a fantastic job insulting individuals on what they think is a healthy image. Being happy with your image whatever that looks like IS healthy. The only image that matters is how you think of yourself, don’t get wrapped up in the nonsense. Look at who you are on the inside and fight like hell to be what you want to look like on the outside

Meet the CEO + Founder

About Jessica

Name is Jessica Pires, most of my friends call me Jess or Jessie. I was born and raised in Daytona Beach FL & my entire family is from New Jersey. I was raised at the beach, I LOVE being out in the sun with my family & friends. I have 3 fur babies and I swear they are pampered more than me at times!

When I was a little girl I knew I wanted to help people, I did not know how to really, but I knew that I could do it. I first started in sports when I was 3, gymnastics/swimming, later doing flag-football all the way through high-school. I loved being an athlete and that carried onto my career as a CrossFit coach, and later certified in CrossFit weightlifting and CrossFit gymnastics. I fell in LOVE with the grit, passion and mental toughness that came with the sport.

After high school I obtained my associates of science degree and later worked as a nursing assistant in the ER for 4 years and then continued school to gain my undergrad and graduate program in the field of nutrition and dietetics. I saw how CrossFit was such a phenomenal community and sports and the basics of nutrition was well developed. But I wanted to be the one to deliver that healthy education through nutrition to athletes of ALL ages. I worked with CrossFit kids, the Silvershoes for 65 and above & everyone in between. I competed with team USA for Olympic weightlifting & had a blast doing so.

Through all the trials, difficulties and even happy times, I developed the GRIT I knew that I always wanted & was capable of. I was so empowered by nutrition & truly believed the best medicine in the world is what we feed our bodies.

Nutrition is the BEST medicine mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. I view nutrition as a full circle, mental/emotional health, physical health, sleep markers and spirituality. That is what makes the full circle go round. I created this business to not only help individuals attain elite athletics, maintain health markers and enjoy working out with friends through maintainable nutrition habits that will last a lifetime.